Photo Diary | Benalmadena, Spain


Long time, no blog! But I’m back with a photo filled holiday post!



Visiting Northumberland | Part 1


My family sure do love a little UK break away. We tend to usually go down south towards Cornwall, but we’d already done that and got the metaphorical T-shirt this year (read here and here), so we wanted something a little different and we went up’t north instead to Northumberland. As usual, I take a stupid amount of photos which I thought I’d share with you and what we got up to on our little hollibobs…


Cornwall Part 2 | The Eden Project and Trevaunance Cove


As if there wasn’t enough photos in my Cornwall Part 1 post, I thought I’d do another one and chuck in a whole load more photos for your eyes to view upon! As I said is post 1, we didn’t venture too far away from base in Porthtowan, so in the 2nd half of the week, we just went to The Eden Project and Trevaunance cove beach.

Again, Warning- photo heavy… ahhh, you know the drill by now


Future wishlist


As well as all the obvious things I want in the future that money can’t buy; health, happiness etc etc, there’s a few things only money can buy and there’s a couple of things I would like to see in my future; realistic andddddd maybe unrealistic. So this wishlist is kinda a ‘if money wasn’t involved’ wishlist….

1, Mint Green Fiat 500– Who doesn’t want a car that matches their blog theme and bedroom! Seriously though, how damn cute and amazing is this car! If I won the lottery today, I wouldn’t go out and buy a big expensive ‘posh’ car, I’d get one of these little babies. I WILL own one of these one day. I will!

2, Dressing table– I recently did a make up storage post where all I have is a shelf, which is fine for now but I want a dressing table, a cute little table with a cute little chair where I can sit and put on my make up and put the world to right.

3, Mulberry bag– I’ve wanted a Mulberry Bayswater bag for a while now and I especially love the Bayswater double zip tote. It’s a classic and will never go out of fashion and probably goes with almost every outfit possible. I have my Accessorize bag which I love and is kinda similar (by similar I mean its the same colour) but it’s just not Mulberry!

4, Louboutins– I’m not the biggest heels wearer, they hurt my tootsies, but every girl wants a pair of these red soled beauties don’t they!? I’d like a classic black pair that would go with everything so I could wear them allll the time and my feet would just have to suffer. Sorry feet.

5, The World– Yep, I want a globe… Jokeee, I want to visit places, a lot of places. This is more for the adventure and memories rather than physically owning something, but my silly little brain says ‘no Sarah, stay at home blah blah blah’. But I desperately want to travel. This may/will not happen but hey, its a wishlist, not a bucket list.

6, MacBook– I use my laptop a lot. Take blogging for example; I use it to blog. My laptop now is ok, but it’s not a MacBook and I’ve really wanted one for a while now. I also want a tacky little sticker to go on the back (like snow white holding the apple haha), yep I’m one of those people. I’d also like an iMac but a MacBook will do fine for now if anyone’s offering ;)

7, Zac Efron– He’ll be my husband, we’ll have a few kids and a puppy and everything will be right in the world. Just look at his face and abs and eyes and abs and arms and abs!!!!!

I’m sure there’s many more things I could add to this list, but lets go slowly and get these ones out of the way first. We’ll start with Zac…

 What’s on your future wishlist?

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Another little trip to Cornwall


Last week my little family took another little trip for a couple of days to one of our favourite places, Cornwall! We went earlier in the year which you can read here, and that holiday was a more ‘go see the sites’ holiday. This one was more of a ‘laid back and relax near the hotel’ holiday. Both absolutely amazing and make me instantly want to move to Cornwall when I look back at photos.

We stayed in one of my most favourite hotels EVER! Do you have that place where you’ve been going to since you were little? Well for me, that place is Whitsand Bay Hotel in Portwrinkle, Cornwall! I’ve been to this hotel so many times since I was younger and it’s deffo a favourite place of mine! Not a lots changed since I first came and that’s why I love it so much, I have so many memories here. A great thing is, is that you can bring dogs so Billy came with us too! Oh and the food…Ohhh the food is some of the best food I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat! I’d deffo recommend staying at Whitsand Bay.

The weather was kinda mixed but we did have a few sunny days which was good and we spent that on the beach which is just 5 minutes down the road. Admittedly, the beaches from my previous holiday were nicer but just being by the sea will always be where I’m most content. I did a little rock pooling and caught a few shrimp (not big enough for the barbie though (such a bad joke))

Anyway, this wouldn’t be a cornwall post without tonnes of pictures of seas and my little fluffball…