Instagram is beginning to be a firm favourite social media of mine. I love taking photos of everything and anything and Instagram is the best place to dump them all. I used to do these posts all the time but my love for instagram fizzled out, but now it’s back, baby! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately.



Just Photos #6 | A Cold & Sunny Walk


Cold and sunny is probably one of my favourite weather combinations! You can wrap up all cosy but the heat of the sun on your face is just magical. It also makes for some beautiful scenery. This is at Staunton Harold Reservoir in Derbyshire and it’s a perfect, not too long, walk along the water, and when it’s sunny, its even better!


Just Photos #5 | A New Years Day Walk


What better way to start the New Year than a walk with the family. We decided to go to Elvaston Castle Country Park in Derbyshire and it was the perfect walking location. Although it was bitter cold (and very very muddy), seeing all the families out together walking their dogs, and kids testing out their new bikes, it was a lovely afternoon.


Just Photos #4 | Fireworks That Turned Into Stars


Over the past couple of nights, I’ve attempted to take photos of the fireworks my neighbours were blasting into the sky #FreeFireworkShow. But typically every time I went out, they stopped for a considerably long amount of time, so I got bored and just took pictures of the night sky instead, and you know what, these photos probably came out way better than any old fireworks could do. Not because my photography is amazing, it’s definitely far from it actually, but because the night sky is a magical, mysterious, beautiful thing #SpaceNerd… #SorryAboutTheHashtags

When plans don’t really go to plan, they can turn out even better!


Cornwall Part 2 | The Eden Project and Trevaunance Cove


As if there wasn’t enough photos in my Cornwall Part 1 post, I thought I’d do another one and chuck in a whole load more photos for your eyes to view upon! As I said is post 1, we didn’t venture too far away from base in Porthtowan, so in the 2nd half of the week, we just went to The Eden Project and Trevaunance cove beach.

Again, Warning- photo heavy… ahhh, you know the drill by now