Instagram is beginning to be a firm favourite social media of mine. I love taking photos of everything and anything and Instagram is the best place to dump them all. I used to do these posts all the time but my love for instagram fizzled out, but now it’s back, baby! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately.




Thought I’d share some Instagram pics of what I’ve ermm…..been recently Instagramming :)


1, Experimenting with the hair and plaiting it damp and going to bed. 2, The results of said experiment. It went a bit crazy! 3, Some may say this is disgusting, however, I find a dog sitting at the table being all human like, to be quite amusing. 4, Billy with his chew on his head! ohhhh he cracks me up the funny thing. 5, PUG PUPPY!! I wrote about him a while ago and he’s grown so much the cutie. 6, Half eaten McDonalds breakfast! Yes, I take pictures of my food but, how delicious is a McDonalds breakfast!? 7, A new found love of mine, Ginger beer. 8, You can’t have a rainbow without rain.

My pictures aren’t all that interesting, they mainly consist of dogs and food (that sounds like a good combination to me though) but if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, click here :)


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Insta weekly…

20130414-064414 PM.jpg
Ive changed the name of these post from Insta-pics to Insta weekly. It made more sense.
This Insta weekly consists of not a lot. More pictures of my dog (maybe get used to that ;)), a picture of me, my brother and sister as it was national sibling day on Wednesday and then my textured nails which I blogged about here.

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20130407-123928 PM.jpg
I’ve decided I’m going to show my weekly pictures off Instagram every Sunday so it’ll be my week in pictures :). This weeks mainly consisted of chocolate and my dog, Billy. What more could you want? Chocolate and my favourite fluffy little boy. Perfect :). Doesn’t that chocolate cake look amazing!

Also, did you know they’re making a finding Nemo 2! Except now it’s finding Dory. I’m so excited. Finding Nemo is one of my favourite Disney films so I hope Finding Dory will be just as great.

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