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What I’m Watching 

whats-on-tv-julyIf you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’m a HUGE tv freak. I love to watch anything new and tweet to myself chat about it. I used to do these kinda posts allll the time, because that’s what TV freaks do, talk about TV, but I haven’t done one for a while now so I thought I’d share with you lovely peoples what I’m watching and loving right now from TV, Netflix and films…



Harry Potter Tour & Sopwell House 


The other day, a few of my family and I went to the Harry Potter tour in London and also a nights stay at the beautiful Sopwell House. All of this was because of Steph’s Wishes (please take a read about this amazing charity and the story behind it) who give memory days to people age 18-25 who suffer from cancer. You may or may not know that my sister has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which has obviously took a massive part of her life up and is just simply a pain in the derrière, so experiences & memories like this are just incredible and something I can’t really put into words. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as 3 days before, Becky had to have an operation on her neck so this was a perfect way to recuperate and forget about everything for a while.

The lovely Racheal from Steph’s Wishes organised the whole trip for us and it was such a perfect couple of days, which I thought I’d share with you because 1, to show thanks and to spread the word of this incredible charity and 2, because obviously I took a heck load’a pictures. *Warning* massive post alert! (more…)

My favourite tv series EVER

I love TV. I’m a proper TV nerd and my dream would be to work in TV somehow. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll notice I talk about TV 50% of the time, the other 50% is dedicated to my first love, food. Crappy TV series are probs my fave. You know the kind. Ones you can just watch and not have to think about. I’ve watched my fair share of crappy TV shows so I thought I’d share some of my all time faves… prisonbreak-header

Prison break- Wentworth Miller, need I say more!? It’s only the best show to ever grace our TV screens! Prisons, romance, psychos, brotherly love, it’s got it all! I even bought the boxset so I can re watch till my little hearts content


Orange is the new black- if you haven’t heard of this then you’ve deffo been living under a rock and need to watch this ASAP! There’s a lot of girl on girl action here if ya know what I’m saying, so I don’t suggest you watch this with the parents. No one needs the awkward ‘do I fast forward it or do I just sit through it cringing’ kinda moment. But it’s now my 2nd favourite show of all time. It’s about a women who’s been sent to prison and that’s as good as my description gets. You just need to see it! I obviously like a prison drama.


Pretty Little Liars- I started watching this a few years ago when it first came on UK TV. Then it suddenly stopped but came back a year later or so and became really popular. BUT then it bloody stopped again in the UK, didn’t it! I was, and still am pretty gutted as its such a great show and I only have season 4 to watch and its not on UK netflix. Boooo! But its about 4 girls trying to find out who a suspicious ‘A’ is and we still don’t know after 3 seasons but now I’ll never know! Stupid UK tv and UK netflix.


Teen wolf- Another one that stopped and is not on netflix. WHY DO THEY DO THIS *big sad face emoji*!!! Pretty self explanatory; a teen who can turn into a wolf. Its funny, scary, cute and just a simple little American TV show! I don’t know how far I got to on this but I hate not being able to finish a TV series!!


Once upon a time- Everyone loves a fairytale don’t they!? Well you should all watch this. Fairy tales all come to life and mix together in a little town called StoryBrooke. I absolutely love it and currently waiting for a new season to start. I hope they haven’t stopped this too unless I’m just gonna give up with TV!



My descriptions are pretty darn rubbish but it’s likely you’ve heard of them or you can just watch them to find out for yourself ;). I get that I watch too much TV *hides head in shame* but I love being whisked away to someone else’s life for an hour or two. That’s pretty sad isn’t it!?

Do you like any of these? What’s your all time favourite TV series?


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Currently loving…


I very rarely do favourite posts because I hardly ever have a bunch of things that I’m loving. I’m very samey samey and just don’t change things. Boring, I know! But I have been loving a few things lately, a mix of things, and thought I’d share them with you guys.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

This book is amazing! I desperately want to watch the film but I love reading the books first then I watch the films and watch it all come to life. If you love Hunger Games, I’d definitely recommended this. I’d even say this is better!

Breaking Bad

I’m soooo late watching this but my friend has very kindly lent me her Netflix and I’m now Breaking Bad crazy! It’s so good and I’m definitely addicted to it. Ahhhhh Jesse, I just love him.

MUA undress me too palette

I’ve been using this palette so much recently, especially the shade ‘Fiery’. It’s a gorgeous coppery gold and it’s so shimmery and pigmented. I love it! I did a review of this palette heremua

Yankee Candle in Black Cherry

This is my favourite of all the Yankee candles. It reminds me of cherry drops! I’ve had it for quite a while but hate burning candles. I feel like I’m wasting them and also hate ruining how pretty it looks unburnt, which is so ridiculous, I know haha. But I’ve finally started using it and my room smells amazing!

Barry M Gelly in ‘Papaya’

This is my sunny weather go to polish. I just think it describes the summer. It’s warm, pastely and bright. I recently did a guest post for Beth from Beauty in Beta about my favourite Spring polishes and this is deffo my fave. Go check it out here 

McDonalds Monopoly

Yes, I’ve added McDonalds monopoly on to my list because I’m addicted, but this should be illegal! It makes me want to go to McDonalds everyday just to peel the little cards off my burger & chip boxes. I get a little thrill if I win anything. Even an apple pie (hottest things on earth) which I don’t even like. Please say this isn’t this just me who’s addicted to this?

What are you loving at the moment? Are you loving any of my picks?


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What I’m watching…

I did this same idea post which, coincidently, was one month ago yesterday! Which you can find here. I never planned this to be a monthly post but maybe I’ll make it a monthly post as I do watch some good tv ;) ok, its all trash tv but that’s the best kind isn’t it?

Wentworth Prison


I am addicted to this show! It was a big hit in Australia (where it’s set) so they brought it to the UK. Thank you Australia!

Its about a woman, Bea Smith, who’s been sent to Wentworth Prison on remand and meets all the top-dogs who are just horrible. Ok, that doesn’t sound too interesting but I swear it is! If you like Prison Break, I’m sure you’ll love this. I have a weird love for all things prisony. I’m not sure if that’s weird or not?

When I watched the first episode 2 weeks ago, it was a bit of a shock and not what I was expecting which is great! I like to be shocked.

You can catch up with the first 3 episodes online and then it’s on Channel 5, every Wednesday at 10pm.

Educating Yorkshire

Educating Yorkshire

They first did this show in Essex and it was a hit so, now its moved to good ol’ Yorkshire.

A kind of real life Waterloo road. Following the day to day life of Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. You have the funny but no nonsense taking headteacher, all the different cliques; popular kids, not so popular kids and the school bully which, was aired on yesterdays show. No one likes a bully and Twitter was mad with comments about this certain girl. But it shows that all school are the same but this one is just aired on TV. Don’t think I’d like my school days filmed! Would you?

On Channel 4, every Thursday at 9pm.

Cheer Perfection

cheer perfection

Another reality American Tv I’ve become addicted too!

I think I watch cheerleading shows because I probably, secretly, would love to be a cheerleader! It’s just so American and it’s not as common here in the UK.

This show follows a cheer squad at Cheer Time Revolution going about all their cheerleading training and competitions but, that’s not the best part. The parents of these kids are the most bitchiest moms you’ll ever see! It’s like watching children argue and its just hilarious because they’re so ridiculous. Coach, Alisha is one tough cookie on these kids, she don’t take no sh…crap but, she gets the job done and loves seeing the kids succeed

I’ve only just noticed after writing this that the first season has finished but its online and I’m sure a new season will start soon on TLC

Bit annoyed its finished now!

The X Factor

x factor

Of course I’m watching the X factor and, with the return of Sharon Osbourne, Its 10x better! I think this line up of judges is the best yet!

I’ve been wowed by only a few people so far; Prison officer, Sam Bailey’s (aged 35) audition was almost like the Susan Boyle audition. She doesn’t look like your ‘typical’ singer but wow, could she sing! Singing Beyonce’s, Listen wasn’t an easy choice song but she sang it amazingly. There’s also a hot young yodeller (never thought I’d write that sentence). 17 year old, Barclay Beales, stunned the judges and audience with his odd yodelling. Not too sure about the yodelling but he plays guitar and he’s good looking (He looks older that 17!).

On ITV, every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm.


What’s your favourite show at the moment? Do you watch any of these?

Not sure if these kind of posts are too popular. I’d love to know what you think about these posts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading


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Top 5- What I’m watching…

As my blog is ‘A bit of everything’, I thought I’d share another love of mine. TV. I admit, I’m a massive TV addict and I hope that doesn’t put a picture in your head of me just slouching in front of the TV (which actually wouldn’t be too far from the truth at the moment but, I start college soon!) Don’t think of me as a slob. Ok, a little bit of a slob is fine ;) But here are my top 5 weekly shows that I can’t miss…

Here comes Honey Boo Boo

honey boo boo

One word, HILARIOUS! I heard so much about this show in America and just thought this family was so weird and that I’d hate it. Complete opposite. I love it!

It follows a crazy family, Mama (June), Sugar bear (Mike), Honey boo boo (Alana), Pumpkin (Lauryn), Chickadee (Anna), Chubbs (Jessica), and baby Kaitlyn. Who just have a crazy, fun life. Mud wrestling, normal wrestling, having a pet pig, you know, the usual. They’re such a cute but weird family who’ve always got each others back. So if you’re into this American reality TV stuff, this is one to watch.

On Channel TLC, every Tuesday at 9pm.



Can you believe its the last season of 90210 :( It has been one of my favourite shows since it started in 2008. I’m probably not the only one who was jealous of their high school life and that they lived in Beverley Hills! It made teen-hood and school look so exiting and just wished that was my life, as unrealistic as that is haha.

This season is when they’re all grown up with jobs, going to college/uni, pregnancy and has a bit more death and injury! Sounds great doesn’t it! It’s not all doom and gloom though.

On channel E4, every Monday at 9pm.

Big Brother

Big Brother

Its the 14th season of BB which is coming to an end I think next week, but I just can’t not watch it! I don’t even like it that much but its just a must to watch it. I think I’m just jealous I’m not in there as I’d love to go on BB haha. But this series has had a few big arguments which are always fun but other than that, its been a bit boring buttt.. I still watch!

Celebrity BB will be on soon which I prefer, as long as I know who 50% of the celebs are, which is rare!

On channel 5, every night either 9pm or 10pm.

Once upon time

once upon a time

This is one of my favourite shows ever! Its about a town, Storybrooke, which holds all fairy tale characters but as normal people that were transported to the real world and are stuck there until a curse is broken, so they can go back to fairy tale land. There’s Snow White, Prince Charming, Pinocchio (in wooden and human form), Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, wicked witch and tonnes more but all as real people.

I’d definitely advise watching the 1st series then get onto the 2nd which is showing now.

On Channel 5, every Sunday at 8pm.

Keeping up with Kardashians

KUWTKI never planned to watch this. I always thought they’re just famous for being famous so I’m not going to watch….until last year. I watched one episode and I was hooked. They’re kinda like a posher, richer version of Here comes Honey boo boo. Both are hilarious and both are an amazing cute family.

I love their relationship, especially the sisters as they’re just so relate-able and are just a kinda normal family. They fight, they make up etc etc. In last nights show, the Mom, Kris and Khloe, trashed Kim’s house on a drunken rampage! What Mom does that?! Hilarious TV though.

If you’re not already watching, get watching and I’m sure you’ll love it. (Ok, not everyone will, but I LOVE it)

On Channel E!, every Sunday at 10pm.


Do you watch any of these shows? whats your favourite show at the moment?


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