I Chopped My Hair!


I did it. I finally did it.





Instagram is beginning to be a firm favourite social media of mine. I love taking photos of everything and anything and Instagram is the best place to dump them all. I used to do these posts all the time but my love for instagram fizzled out, but now it’s back, baby! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately.


A Singletons Guide To Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. The day all us singletons sit at home, stroking our pets and watching the gazillion love films that are on TV, whilst all the couples are out celebrating the holiday of romance. But it doesn’t have to be sad! I for one love chilling at home cuddling my puppy, who doesn’t!? So I’ve put together a little guide of things that us singletons can do on Valentines Day.


I’m Chopping My Hair!

Before I donated my hair for the first time, I had no idea that a few months later my twin sister would be getting a wig from The Little Princess Trust. A charity who make wigs for children and young adults who’ve lost their hair through cancer or other illnesses. As my sister was on the teenage cancer ward, they offered her a wig too.


My 3rd Blogiversary!!!

This little blog of mine is 3. THREE YEARS OLD!! I was actually looking back through my archives the other day and mostly cringing at how bad my photos and posts were. I was almost going to delete loads of them but then I thought, no, if I delete the past, then there’s no way to measure improvement in the present and future!


Just Photos #6 | A Cold & Sunny Walk


Cold and sunny is probably one of my favourite weather combinations! You can wrap up all cosy but the heat of the sun on your face is just magical. It also makes for some beautiful scenery. This is at Staunton Harold Reservoir in Derbyshire and it’s a perfect, not too long, walk along the water, and when it’s sunny, its even better!