Barry M Autumny Nails


I realised the other day that in my quite large collection of nail polishes, I don’t have many autumny ones! As it’s now autumn (where’s this year gone!!!) I had to change this immediately and went on a hunt for autumn-ness!



Barry M Copacabana


My nails are long(ish) and strong again *yayyy*, I keep going through stages of completely chewing them off, but I’ve now followed my own nail growth advice and started painting them more to stop me biting them and so far, its working a treat. I started off my ‘get my nails back’ campaign with Barry M Copacabana.


Barry M | Starting Summer Early


I’m a sucker for a new Barry M nail polish and ever since I lay eyes on the new quick dry polishes, I knew I had to get some. The one that first caught my eye was the orange one, ‘Full Throttle’, and as usual in Boots, there was an offer of 2 for £7 which you obviously cannot resist! So after much deliberation between the others, I settled on ‘In a heart beat’.  I think they’re both really pretty and summery shades and they’re pastels, which I love!!

Barry M have used a flat brush here instead of their usual thin brush and I have some pros and cons about this. I have teeny little nails, especially on my little finger, and the brush went over my skin. Buttt I like flat heads because it gives it more of an even finish as you don’t need to go over as many times. I like a brush that’s in-between. Does that exist? I’m just being picky here.

In a Heart Beat applied like a dream and I’m so glad I picked up this colour! Think this will be on my nails all throughout spring and summer!

Full Throttle was a little bit thinner than above and needed 3 layers. It was also a little streaky so I had to go over to try and remove the streaks but it’s such a gorgeous shade!

Both with no topcoat as I wanted to test the drying time and you know what, I’m impressed! Usually with Barry M (without fast drying topcoat), I feel the top layer dries but the bottom layer stays sticky meaning I get an imprint of whatever I’ve been leaning my hand against (sooooo annoying!), but not with these! They had a much faster drying time and I went along with my daily business! I’d 100% recommend these and want the whole collection!

Have you tried these yet? What colour’s your favourite?

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7 Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails


“Nails are friends, not food!”

I’ve bitten my nails for years and years and years, to the point where they’d bleed because I’d bite them right down to the skin and my nails were pretty much none existent! I was forever looking at friends nails all nicely painted and not looking like they’ve been through a meat grinder and I wanted that, so I finally kicked the habit! I’ve put together a few of my tips on how I stopped biting and got into painting…

Nail art– The main reason I quit the habit. I stopped biting my nails almost instantly when I learnt about nail art. I wanted to be able to make pretty patterns on my nails and it’s much easier when your nails are longer. Since I’ve stopped I’ve won a few competitions with my nail art and I would’ve never learnt if I didn’t stop biting my nails. Below is my first ever attempt at nail art using a liquid liner brush dipped into polish! You gotta start somewhere!first-attempt-at-nail-art

Paint them– It doesn’t have to be nail art. If I have a lovely new manicure that’s took me an hour or something to paint and then wait to dry, why would I want to ruin that hard work!? Also painting them gives them an extra couple of layers of armour (base coat, nail paint, top coat (I recommend Seche Vite for fast drying)) making a little harder for you to chew them and gives you time to realise ‘nooo, don’t ruin your pretty nails!’. It doesn’t have to be a colour, just a clear polish has the same effect because it makes them smooth and shiny.

Stress or boredom– Biting your nails could be a sign of being in a stressful situation or boredom. Keep a stress ball or just something to hold and mess around with to keep your hands busy, especially when you know you’re going into a stressful situation. It could be a phone, keys, water bottle, just anything to keep your hands active and away from your mouth. If you’re at home bored, put some gloves on so even if you subconsciously go to bite your nails whilst watching telly, you cant, mwahahaha!

Products– there’s a few products out there that help you to resist biting nails such as polish that tastes disgusting. Why would you want to put a horrible taste in your mouth! There’s also products to make you nails stronger so they don’t snap such as this Sally Hansen nail strengthener which I love! Another handy product is a nail file to keep with you at all times. If a nail snaps, you’ll want to just bite it off but get the file out and gently file it down (only file in one direction) so it’s smooth and won’t catch on things.

Never peel nail polish off– as soon as your nail polish starts peeling, either add a topcoat or remove it with nail polish remover. However satisfying it is, and boy is it satisfying, do not peel it off. Peeling the varnish off weakens your nails making them more chew friendly and they’re also more likely to snap making you have to start the process all over again. If you really really must peel it off and just can’t fight that urge, just peel it off one nail then remove the rest with remover.

Patience– keep at it. If a nail breaks, gently file it down so it’s smooth and then add a topcoat to stop you biting it and to give it some strength. It will grow back. Once your nails have gotten to a length you like (I like square tips and not too long), biting them seems a silly thing to do when it took time and effort to get to where they are.

Relapse– What spurred this post. I recently went through a nail biting stage and after a couple of weeks, I wanted my nails back so, I bought a new polish and painted them. They chipped, as nail polish does, so I took it off and painted them again. My nails are now strong and at a length I like after a couple of weeks of TLC and I love painting them again.

Well they’re some of my tips and I hope they help if you’re trying to kick the habit. I’ve kinda made it sound like trying to stop an addiction, what with ‘patience’ and ‘relapse’, but it is a very hard habit to kick! Just to say, I’m no nail professional, just a girl who stopped biting her nails so she could paint them…

What are your stop nail biting tips?

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Barry M Elderberry & Berry Icecream

jhkhmh Barry-M-Elderyberry-Berry-Icecream-swatch Barry-M-Berry-Icecream-elderberryBarry-M-Elderberry-and-Berry-Icecream

Since buying my nail polish rack (which you can see on my make up storage post), I’ve been wanting to paint my nails more often. I think it’s because I can see them all laid out and they all look so pretty and choosing colours is much more fun. Yep I’m cool and think its fun to sit and stare at my polish rack, OK!

At first I was just going to go with Barry M Elderberry (blue) but I was watching Pretty Little Liars (it’s awesome) and one of the girls had one colour on 2 of her nails and a another colour on 3 of her nails. At first I was a bit like, hmmmmm that’s a bit odd but I had to try it and I now absolutely love it! It’s a little different than just the one colour or, a different colour only on the ring finger. I’ll definitely be doing this more often.

As usual, I picked Barry M because they’re just my favourite. Berry Ice-cream (purple) is a gorgeous pastel lilac and applies like a dream. This is the normal nail paint which I much prefer than the Gelly range because I think the Gelly ones go a little gooey whilst applying, so end up being a little streaky. Any one else think this? I just think the nail paints are a little runnier. Gelly Elderberry (blue) is a favourite of mine colour wise. A light powder blue with a hint of grey. These are both 2 coats with a topcoat on top.

Do you like the 2 of one colour, 3 of another?

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Barry M Mint Green

mint-green-barry-m barry-m-mint-green-304 Barry-m-mint-green-nail barry-m-mint-greenIt’s been a long time since I’ve done a nail post! I just haven’t been in the mood to paint them so much lately but now, I’ve got the buzz back and will hopefully be sharing more of my vast collection of polishes!

This is Barry M in Mint Green. (I really need to get over my obsession with mint green, it’s becoming a problem). I’ve had this sitting in my polish box for a while now and when I decided to paint my nails the other day, I was going to go for one of my newer polishes but then I saw this and had to have it on! It was as if some force pulled me towards the mint greenness!

As with all Barry M’s, it applied like a dream and it’s also lasting a pretty long time. I applied the Barry M all in one before and after painting the mint green, and it’s been on my nails, no chips, for about 5-6 days now and still going strong! Now that’s what I like to see in a nail polish. Such a great price as well, only £2.99! In these pics, they kinda look matte but I promise they’re super shiny. I think it’s because I put hand cream on just before taking pictures and that made them look matte. Won’t be doing that just before taking pics again!

Do you like a mint green polish?


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