Instagram is beginning to be a firm favourite social media of mine. I love taking photos of everything and anything and Instagram is the best place to dump them all. I used to do these posts all the time but my love for instagram fizzled out, but now it’s back, baby! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately.



I’m Chopping My Hair!

Before I donated my hair for the first time, I had no idea that a few months later my twin sister would be getting a wig from The Little Princess Trust. A charity who make wigs for children and young adults who’ve lost their hair through cancer or other illnesses. As my sister was on the teenage cancer ward, they offered her a wig too.


Lush Sale Gift Sets


I’ve never normally try to or get anything in the Lush boxing day sale. I kept reading it all over twitter about the struggles people were going to to get some Lush goodies, so I decided not to bother trying. But, a couple of days after boxing day, I thought heck, why not, and decided to give it a go, not thinking anything would be left, but I was amazingly surprised and just had to put an order in!


A Guide To Hair Removal | Veet


We’re all friends here aren’t we? We can talk about hair removal and such things. After all, most of us probably do it. No one realllly likes to do it but we do it. Why? Well for me it makes me feel smoother and somewhat cleaner (just me?). My hair is a very very dark brown, almost black and although I love the colour on my head and brows, not so much everywhere else! So I was sent some goodies for Veet’s new campaign and also added in a few ways that I’ve removed that dreaded hair…


A Palette For Autumn | Makeup Revolution


I’m a stay safe and go neutral kinda gal when it comes to eye shadow and never really experiment with other shades. I must have about 10 browny/bronze palettes and they’re all pretty similar. Ok, this palette still stays on the neutral theme (I only want to try a few new shades, not go crazy!), but I saw this Makeup Revolution, Flawless Ultra Palette, and the reds, bronzes & golds looked amazing and nothing like I’ve got in my gazillion other neutral palettes…


My First Online Lush Haul


I haven’t had chance to go to a Lush store for ages and the girlies in my family were starting to miss our luxurious lush baths, so I just had to put an order in online. But this meant I didn’t get to have a sniff of all the things, and had choose products just on aesthetics and ingredients. (Except The Comforter. I always have to have one of those *heart eye emoji*)