About me

big photoHey there and welcome to my little piece on t’internet :D My name is Sarah, I’m 24 and a blogger and lover of all sorts.

I started this little blog because I read so many and thought, I’d like a crack at that, so that’s exactly what I did and Sarah Speaks was born! As I’m very indecisive, I couldn’t pick just one topic to write about so I pick a whole load of things. Expect to see beauty, fashion, nails, TV and just whatever pops into my little head one day.

Please have a look around and ask me anything you want :) I’m so grateful for every comment and I read and reply to all.

Thanks for reading and drop by whenever you like! You can also follow me on other social medias below and I’m always up for a chit chat. I do love a chit chat :D

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I always read the lovely comments I receive and reply to all so always check back. If you'd like a quicker response, you can find me on Twitter @xsarahspeaksx. Thank you for all your comments xxx

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