Photo Diary | Benalmadena, Spain


Long time, no blog! But I’m back with a photo filled holiday post!

After not being able to go abroad for 3/4 years because of family members health problems, the whole family finally got on a plane to Benalmedena and it was just the break we all needed and deserved!

I’ve been to Spain quite a few times but never Benalmedena and it was lovely. There was 9 of us with all mixed ages and there was something for everyone. As it was early April, we weren’t expecting the weather to be great but it couldn’t have been better and we have the burn/tan lines to prove it (I definitely forgot how easy I burn!). We stayed at the Sahara Sunset Club hotel which is about a 20 minute drive from Malaga airport, and it was the perfect location with beautiful rooms, a choice of indoor and outdoor pools, rooftop hot tubs and delicious restaurant.

Benalmadena-2016-103 Benalmadena-2016-101 Benalmadena-2016-99 Benalmadena-2016-89Benalmadena-2016-67 Benalmadena-2016-107 Benalmadena-2016-102

One of my favourite places I think I’ve ever been was Parque De La Paloma. It was amazing with so much nature and wildlife everywhere. There were Guinea pigs which I’ve never seen in the wild before and they were very camera friendly! Chickens, cockerels, peacocks and parrots are just strolling around the whole park, and bunnies everywhere. Oh, and tortoises. Loads of them! I 100% recommend this park to everyone. As well as wildlife, it’s just so picturesque with the mountains in the background, many beautiful coloured trees and so much to look at.

Benalmadena-2016-78 Benalmadena-2016-81 Benalmadena-2016-70Benalmadena-2016-74 Benalmadena-2016-72 Benalmadena-2016-84 Benalmadena-2016-79 Benalmadena-2016-77 Benalmadena-2016-68 Benalmadena-2016-59

We had amazing food every night in different restaurants and we especially liked walking down to the Marina for a few drinks and bites to eat. Surprisingly, I didn’t take ANY food photos which is unheard of for me, but there were just better and prettier things to photograph (now I’m back home, it’s back to food again *sobs*)

We had a day at the beach which was beautiful, although a little shelly/pebbly. Not the best beach I’ve been to but you can’t beat digging you feet in the sand at dipping your feet in the ocean, especially living in The Midlands where were furthest away from any sea and sand possible.

Benalmadena-2016-42 Benalmadena-2016-39Benalmadena-2016-34

A place where I’d love to visit again and stay at was Benalmedena Pueblo. It was your typical Spanish town with beautiful white houses and little streets filled with colourful flowers and trees. Traditional Spanish restaurants where we ate traditional Spanish paella. Well, not me, I don’t do fish, but my noodle dish was perfecto. The views over Benalmedena and the ocean were incredible and where I could’ve stayed for hours. Benalmedena Pueblo was a definite highlight of our holiday.

Benalmadena-2016-11Benalmadena-2016-24 Benalmadena-2016-14 Benalmadena-2016-12Benalmadena-2016-23 Benalmadena-2016-19 Benalmadena-2016-8Benalmadena-2016-26 Benalmadena-2016-13 Benalmadena-2016-7Benalmadena-2016-6
It was the perfect holiday after years of not being able to go anywhere, and I’ve now got the holiday blues. Holiday hunting may start again very soon!

The only downside of the holiday was Malaga Airport. The fact we were leaving was sad enough but the airport wasn’t the best at organising everything and it was so busy, but we did see a *cough cough* celebrity there… Gillian Mckeith! Haha!

Have you been to Benalmadena? Do you have a favourite Spanish holiday destination?

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  1. Excellent Sarah, I agree Belamedena is a great place to go, some beautiful places in the surrounding hills. Mijas being my favourite . Well done Sarah this is a great Photo Diary, I enjoyed seeing it.

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