I Chopped My Hair!


I did it. I finally did it.

You may or may not know that I was chopping the majority of my hair off and raising money for The Little Princess Trust, which you can read all about in my previous post. I’ve been planning to chop my hair off again for some time now, and this week, I finally did it! 17 inches of my locks will be going to the charity as well as £362 which I, and the help of so many people, raised on Just Giving! I only set a £50 target so the generosity of everyone has been amazing.


The last time my hair was this short, I must’ve been about 5, but I’m in love with my short hair! So much easier to wash and dry (the important things). I’m now testing loads of new hairstyles instead of just tying it up in a bobble, which I’ve done almost everyday for months and months now. Will this be the last time I grow and chop my hair? Who knows. But at the moment, I’m loving my new do.


This post is just to say a massive thank you for all your donations, support and to show you I went through with the chop haha. I hope my hair makes a little girl, boy or young adult like my sister was when she received her wig from the charity, a little happier during such a hard time. Thank you <3

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  1. Wow 17 inches is a lot! I love your new hairstyle, it looks amazing curled – I can only imagine how quicker it must be to dry and straighten it

    Congrats on going through with it, you’re a lot braver than me :)
    Ami x

    1. Thanks so much :D I love it curled too but sadly I can’t get it to look like how my hairdresser did it :( haha. Always the way.
      It’s soooo quick to wash and dry it. I love it xxx

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