Instagram is beginning to be a firm favourite social media of mine. I love taking photos of everything and anything and Instagram is the best place to dump them all. I used to do these posts all the time but my love for instagram fizzled out, but now it’s back, baby! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to on Instagram lately.


It was World Cancer Day the other week and we wanted to show our support by buying the special unity bands. Unfortunately there wasn’t one small enough for the dog so we made our own // I posted about my Luxemme dress which I love, paired with some killer heels! // If you’re looking for a dramatic, completely can’t guess the ending, who done it book, I highly recommend Sharp Objects, from the author of Gone Girl.


Pancake day. The best day of the year! I had a fruit explosion pancake which was de-licious // The weather was so bad on this particular day, I wanted to brighten up Instagram with some pretty flowers // I’m still going through my boxing day Lush goodies, and it was finally peeping Santa’s turn to go for a dip.


Who hates washing make up brushes *raises hands*, so I bought the new Real Techniques brush cleansing palette to hopefully motivate me do it more often // Again, another really dull day here in sunny England so I threw it back Thursday to my amazing holiday in Cornwall wishing I was sitting on the beach // New shoes! Everyone loves new shoes, especially if they’re cute and only £14 from Primark!


Valentines Day, which I spent with the fluffiest valentine, my little dog, Billy // Clean make up brushes! I put the RT brush palette to the test and I love it. So much easier than using my palm. No more wrinkly, sore palm for me now // Woodwick candles are fast becoming my favourite candle brand. It crackles as it burns!

If you like the look of my Instagram, please do come check it out here and leave your usernames in the comments below so I can come check yours out too! I’m always looking for new insta’s to follow.

What kind of Instagrams are your favourite? Bit of all sorts, Travel, Beauty etc?

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I always read the lovely comments I receive and reply to all so always check back. If you'd like a quicker response, you can find me on Twitter @xsarahspeaksx. Thank you for all your comments xxx

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