A Singletons Guide To Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. The day all us singletons sit at home, stroking our pets and watching the gazillion love films that are on TV, whilst all the couples are out celebrating the holiday of romance. But it doesn’t have to be sad! I for one love chilling at home cuddling my puppy, who doesn’t!? So I’ve put together a little guide of things that us singletons can do on Valentines Day.

Treat yourself

The money you would usually spend on a guy/girl buying useless poop, treat yourself instead! The really nice lingerie you’ve seen but didn’t buy because you didn’t see the point, buy it for yourself! Who says we have to look sexy for someone else! We should want to look sexy for ourselves! Or some new make up that you’ve wanted for ages. Anything. Just give yourself a little treat. At least then you get what you wanted on Valentines day instead of a stuffed teddy bear holding a heart.


Have a film night. I do love a romance, but I love a romance and comedy all in one. I recommend The Proposal; one of my all time favourite films featuring my favourite strong, independent woman, Sandra Bullock. Ryan Reynolds ain’t too bad either ;)… At least you can say you spent Valentine’s Day with Ryan Reynolds!


You don’t need someone else to buy you flowers! Get your own and pick your favourite. I think flowers make any room brighter and they’re an instant mood booster. I don’t need no man to buy me no roses! I would love a single red rose once in my life though.

A good book

I’m not a romance book kinda gal. More a mystery thriller ‘who done it’, book reader. The complete opposite from romance haha. But I love settling down with a good book and a cuppa! At the moment I’m reading The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardener and I’m loving it! I’ve also just read Room by Emma Donoghue, and that shows the relentless love between and mom and son.

Bath and bath bomb

I don’t want to have to squidge into a bath with anyone anyway, thank you! You can’t beat a bubble bath with a book in hand, maybe a cocktail in the other and just relax the night away. I recommend Lush The Comforter; my all time favourite lush bubble bar

Gather other singletons and be singletons together 

Ok, so the majority of my friends and all my family are couples *sobs silently*, but if you have friends/family who are single too, go out, stay in, do whatever, but just do it together. Who says valentines is just celebrating the love of your partner. Why not share the love you have for everyone. That especially means you my little Billy (Yes, that is my dog.)

If all else fails, there’s always food

Food is always the delicious journey to my heart! Pizza (my personal favourite is a Domino’s Ranch. Remove the bacon, add jalapeños, preferably BBQ stuffed crust), ice cream (Ben and Jerrys, obviously), and strawberries dipped in chocolate can 100% be enjoyed by singletons! None of this awkward shoving strawberries into someone else’s mouth nonsense!

Last of all, love yourself!!

I hope you have a lovely Valentines, whether you’re spending time with your partner, going out with the girlie’s or sitting at home watching a film with the dog like me :)

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

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