Introducing Rixton…

Move over 1D, there’s a new band in town (too cheesy?)


Tell you what, here in the UK we do create some decent boy bands and their singing isn’t too bad either ;)
Rixton is the newest band who are destined to be massive in the not so distant future. Lead singer, Jake, has one of the best vocals I’ve heard but is brought to its full potential with his other band members Lewi (drummer), Charley (backing vocal and guitarist) and Danny (keys, bass and backing vocal). They’ve just been signed by Scooter Braun and if you’re a Justin Bieber nerd like me, you’d know Scooter is Biebers manager so one of the best in the world I’d say, seen as though Bieber is, as much as people don’t want to believe, one of the greatest artists around today. You can’t deny that’s not true! They’ve also had Twitter shout outs from the most famous blogger in the world, Perez Hilton, Rita Ora, The Wanted and Lawson, To name a few!

Rixton seem like such a good, normal group of lads doing what they love to do and they’re amazing at it. You can get to know the lads more by watching their ‘Rixton roundups’ on their YouTube channel.

I knew, along with 289,000+ people, ever since I heard their cover of Chris Browns ‘Don’t wake me up’ when they first released it, they’d be stars! What makes them even better is they’ve done it the hard way. They could’ve easily gone on a tv show like the X factor and Britain’s got talent (and probably win) but instead they did it the old fashioned way, doing gigs in bars and clubs.
It also helps that they’re all pretty easy on the eye!

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself at their first cover :)

You can follow the Rixton guys on Twitter and Facebook :)




  1. Was so happy when I found out they had been signed :) they deserved it. Also I agree they are all easy on the eyes, amazing performers and lovely lads too. Met them twice and can’t think of more deserving guys :) Charley is my favourite too! X

    1. You’ve met them!? That’s really cool :D. I think it’s so good they’ve done it on their own as well instead of using tv shows. Think they’re going to be massive one day :) x

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